The blogging platform that transforms your business!

Utilising the many Benefits of the Social News Office you are in complete control of advertising through the Internet to customers who need your business. Social News Office takes only ten minutes a day and returns unbelievable traffic and results using multiple social media platforms in just one click!

Blogging Made Easy

The new Social News Office System is completely User Friendly, allowing you to publish your latest News, Offers, Promotions and Company Information quickly with step by step ease.

Organized Categories

To ensure that all your Blogs can be located with ease, this platform allows you to create categories where your Blogs can be stored.

Social Media Integration

This allows you to cascade your Blogs directly to all your other Social Media Platforms. No more duplicating work, it is all done with just one click of a button.

Scheduled Tweets & Posts

Ensure your latest Tweets and Facebook posts are sent on time. All you need to do is diaries what date and time you want them to be sent and let the system do all the rest.

Google Friendly

Every Blog will be fully optimised by the Google Search Engine. This will improve your Google ranking and direct customers to your company website more often.

Integration Into Existing Websites

By downloading the latest version of Social News Office you can integrate it into your existing website in just a few minutes by using your predefined API key and user-friendly editing tools.